My Lalimar Resort Experience


A rising resort in Negros. Located in La Libertad Oriental Negros around 2 hours of travel from Dumaguete City  by Ceres bus, Lalimar is a jewel by the road.

I’ve stayed here a lot and personally I knew some of the staffs (I don’t know if they are still working there now) This resort is the most budget friendly, sophisticated and descent in the province.



They have a decent infinity pool, around 4-5ft dept. They also have a pool for the kids who loves to swim just above the main pool which is 2-3ft dept.578098_3470643282578_1769706587_n

They have 7 cottages, 3 of them are much bigger ones. We stayed at the one which is the nearest to the beach for a better view of the open seas. The downside of this resort is the beach is rocky and very slippery. No sand *sigh* but still you will fall in love with the panoramic view.




They have 2 beds each room, 1 queen size though I don’t think it’s that big and 1 single size bed. The room is really cozy and you really get the provincial feeling staying at a “bahay kubo” Nipa hut because the interior of the room is made of indigenous materials. You have your cabinet and a small 14″ TV which is not a good thing because sometimes or should I say most of the time there is no signal. All rooms are air-conditioned and well maintained.




Their restaurant serves Filipino food and they also have Pizza!! Who doesn’t love pizza? haha. They serve delicious food and for me, 1 serving can feed 2-3 persons at a very cheap price.




This the biggest cottage they have. This could cater 10-15 persons. It has a mini kitchen and is a 2 story cottage. This is located at the farthest right side of the resort and most likely the most secluded cottage, this is good for team building and family stays cottage.

For me, Lalimar is a must visit place if you want to chill and just relax. It’s a very homey place and very affordable.

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