Fam bam at The Ranch


Fam time! Yes, you got it! My siblings and I decided to go to our cousins province at Toledo last 2014. It was a bit disappointing because my mom can’t come with us because of work. My siblings and I along with our cousins and some friends went on a pool day escape.


The Ranch Resort is located at Brgy. Bato Toledo City. It takes and hour and a half to get there by bus or v-hire but we rented a service car and started our travel early. Well, a long the way we experience some trouble due to engine trouble but it did not kill our spirit of excitement.


We arrive early and saw the place. There are 5 different types of pools. The main pool which is most commonly used by the visitors and the other pools are much more shallow than the main pool which is 4-5ft deep. I guess the other pools are intended for kids to have fun.

The entrance fee is 100 pesos and the room rates are from 1,800 to 3,500 pesos. We decided to get a cottage so we can have a place to put our food and things. Price is at 300-500 pesos for the cottage.



The area is huge. They also have some obstacle courses where you can challenge yourselves to test your limits. As for me, I’d rather eat hahaha.




They’re restaurant also offers a nice menu of food but sadly I forgot to took some photos, I don’t know maybe because I’m hungry or I’m just soo hungry haha. The resort also offers a Farm and Zoo tour because they have a mini farm and mini zoo just a few meters above the resort. They also offer horse back riding for those who love to try.


This is our favorite pool because of that slide haha who doesn’t love water slides? NONE! haha. After eating our lunch we spend our whole afternoon sliding, swimming ang playing water volleyball in this pool.


The resort also held band musics every weekend so for those who loves bands and swimming its a must place to visit and chill. We took some photos and as day started to end we decided to go back to Cebu filled with contentment and fun.


The resort is pretty decent. Its a nice place to unwind and relax, forget all the stress and also an escape from the busy, buzzing and polluted city. I would give a 7/10 for the resort because for me it lacks some components. I don’t see any life guards, the food is so-so because for me its not worth the price.


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