A look back of Bohol: The Resort


We arrived at chocolate hills resort and its time to relax.

The place is quiet, and we had the whole place for ourselves but I guess there were guests when we arrive but I guess they were about to check out haha so yeah we had the place only for us.

The resort is located at Panglao Bohol. It is approximately 500m walking distance from the famous white sand beach of Panglao and I think 5km away from the famous Alona Beach.


The rooms of the resort are inspired from the chocolate hills. It’s pretty decent and unique I must say. For me as a tourist, I would rather stay at a unique place/room than to stay at a very expensive and modern design room. I travel to get away not to stay on the same “home-like place” (just saying)



The room is painted in white with a rocky contour texture. You get the feeling that you’re staying inside an igloo or a cave (a comfortable cave lol) The bed frames are made of “kawayan” or bamboo frames with a decent foam (if you’re not the picky one) downside of their room is that their comfort room has no door. Literally! when you shower or do your thing, only a blue curtain is covering you from being peeped by your roomates and ventilation? Not good. Seriously when you take a dump the whole room could smell it because the division between the sleeping area and the CR is not totally separated. You can see the gap between the sleeping area and the CR above.




Outside they have this circular pool around 3-4ft and at the center of the pool, you will find the extended area of their restaurant. Personally, I don’t like the concept of having a resto at the center of the pool. It makes the people swimming look like Koi fish haha.




This is the extension area of the restaurant, below is the pool. Their Rainbow Bar & Restaurant offers descent food and very affordable, though.


They also have indoor activities like billiard. We had the chance to play at the billiard area and again it was my first time playing billiards.


The next day we started our Country Side tour.


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