A look back of Bohol: Panglao Island Tour


This is a look back to my first travel in Bohol before the great 7.2 magnitude hit the area. I traveled along with my two travel buddies Thirdy and William to Bohol last 2013 and boy it was a travel that I can never forget.

We took the 8am Oceanjet schedule from Cebu to Bohol and the travel time was almost 2 hours or so then our service came and took us to our Panglao Tour right away.

Our first destination was Dauis Church known for its old but grand structure. It is also the church where you can get the miracle water also known as “The Lady’s Water” it is situated inside the church right in front of the altar. You can get the water outside of the church already bottled, in return you can give donation for the church



What I like about this church is it has this very big door at the entrance and for me it’s really fascinating


Next stop was the Hinagdanan Cave and boy it was a cave *haha* Honestly I’m really not into caves nor any small, dark and cramped area. I mean seriously I don’t want to be stuck due to all these fats I have *hahaha* It is said (as I read the big board before paying the entrance fee) that the cave was inhabited before by small creatures who lends things to people from pots,  dishware and other stuff you could imagine. Well, we always have a little fancy tales anywhere.


Entering the cave was a bit of a challenge especially for me who is a first timer. It’s really slippery and a bit steep but I did manage.



Inside the cave, there is a natural pool where tourist comes to take a dip. We never had the chance to swim because we were not ready at the time.



We took some photos of the stalagmites and stalactites and we can’t help but be amazed of how beautiful the limestone cave is. We got out of the cave and I thought coming down was hard. Geeez I lost my breath ascending back to the entrance because the cave has less oxygen so it is a bit of a struggle for us fatties haha.



Next, we went to the famous Bohol Bee Farm. We toured the area and something caught our attention. ICE CREAM!!! yey! finally a little compensation for that short of breath I had at Hinagdanan cave.


There is also an array of paintings at the area made by local artists. There is also an area where they showcase their handicrafts and they may even teach you how to make one of their products.

So the Panglao tour ended and it is time for some relaxation. FINALLY!

We stayed at panglao-chocolatehillsresort. It’s a very unique place due to their structural design inspired by the famous chocolate hills of Bohol. For me it is not a high-end resort and that’s the reason why we chose to stay here. It’s quiet and away from the busy and crowded area of Panglao. My kinda place!




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