A look back of Bohol: Country Side Tour



The next day we started our countryside tour.

First, we went to the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol located at Carmen Bohol. It was a bit of a long ride but we had fun chatting with manong driver. He was very accommodating and answers to all your questions sadly I forgot his name.

540759_10200243884997565_1302926549_n (1)

We arrived at the location and again I had the worst moment of my life *gasping for air* Geez! it was a long climb. We always stop for a bit of rest and I feel like we are forever climbing up tsk!


But when we reach the top. It was breathtaking. I mean that is how I felt the first time I went there. So we took some selfies, landscapes and failed jump shots like this.164960_10200243900277947_1992260687_n

Don’t get curious why I have no jump shots hahaha. So we descend down and went to our next destination.

Before we went on to our tour we took the chance to buy their local ice cold Moo drink, made from carabao milk.


Next, we went to the Man-made Forest. My most favorite place. I don’t know but every time I go back to Bohol I would always want to stay longer at that place. It is so relaxing and the cold breeze, no sunlight and a perfect place to relax sit down by the tree and just feel the nature.

After a couple of minutes here we went to the Tarsier Conservation Center. We were so excited to see tarsiers for the first time.936324_10200244010720708_818891966_n

We were expecting to hold a tarsier but to our dismay, it is prohibited to hold them to avoid them from getting stress. Tarsiers are nocturnal creatures which mean by day they are asleep and at night, they hunt for their food.

Going outside the center you will find many souvenir shops where they sell tarsier inspired products and many delicacy of bohol.


Its time for Lunch so our next destination is the Floating Restaurant in Loboc river. We are thrilled to try eating at a buffet while being cruised at the river.



We bought our buffet ticket. It was 400-450 pesos as I remembered well. We waited to be called out so we could start our lunch and boy was I hungry!417785_10200244024041041_1610744037_n


The food is great maybe because I was hungry I forgot to criticize the food but I think the food is descent enough for an eat all you can buffet.


While eating we saw other “balsa” who are about to finish their cruise and are about to dock, my buddies started hilariously waving at them.

As we were about to reach the mid point of the cruise. We saw how beautiful and rich the river was. It was not polluted, yeah it is green but its because of the algae in the water so no fear for crocodiles haha.

We saw the beautiful vines almost kissing the river, the mini waterfalls that are a sight to befold.164992_10200244033201270_1697036105_n

As we are going back to the docking area. We stopped midway and parked near a balsa where we saw people dressed in blue colored Filipino costumes and they started singing welcoming us. The children start to dance the “Tinikling” and all of us were enjoying their presentation.

We got out of the boat and went to our next destination. The Bohol Python and Wildlife park. 936290_10200244037281372_1817892131_n

This is the place were we can get to see Prony, it was known to be the biggest and longest snake in captivity. Luckily we got the chance to see Prony before he died a year after our visit.931180_10200244038041391_1799759947_n

There are a few other animals at the park like hornbills, pawikan, crocodiles and more. Next we went to the Baclayon Church.931159_10200244044721558_145332607_n.jpg

The church was build during 1717 and was completed on 1727. It is also declared as a National Landmark along with some other churches. It has a watch tower and a very nice interior. There is also a museum inside the church where you can find old and antique religuous stuff.12339_10200244049481677_1992171224_n

After we prayed and took some pictures of the church we went outside to light some candles


Each color represent a certain prayer. Like Red is for love, blue is for peace and etc.

We are almost done with our tour and our next destination is the Blood Compact Site also known as “Sandugo” This is a ritual performed between the Spanish explorer Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, the chieftain of Bohol to seal their friendship.379928_10200244053601780_1537506412_n

We just took few photos and headed to our last site to visit or should I say someone to visit.

We visited Bayoyoy the Dwarf, know as the oldest and smallest man in the Philippines. Luckily when we arrive there he was awake and ready to accept some visitors. The entrance is free and it’s up to you if your willing to donate for his daily needs.485467_10200244055321823_1493959257_n


So our tour ended but before that we bought some “pasalubongs”

After we got what wee need. we went back to our resort and stayed there for the night. The next day we took an early trip back to Cebu.


Thanks. I hope you had fun reading my experience in Bohol last 2013. Teehee!

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