Who Am I?

I’d like to start my blog by introducing myself. I am Danilo, my friends call me Kuya Jr. I turned 26 last July, I’m a college undergrad and currently unemployed , YES! I am and It is not a bad thing right?*haha* I worked before as a Network Marketer supervisor before the people degraded the word “Networking” Oh well I can’t blame them tho. I’m staying here in Cebu, Philippines.12188287_10207163590385875_57182341_n.jpg

I love to travel, Eat and take photos……..

My first solo or should I say the first travel I had without being accompanied by my family was when I went to Manila for a training regarding sales. Then I got to travel more places most likely in the Visayas region.

My blog thefatboytraveler is all about my travel experiences. Fatboytraveler because I am fat and I’m a proud one *haha* why to hate yourself when you know being fat does not make you a bad person It’s the people who judge you who are the one with problems but not me. *haha* Well this blog is not much and It’s my first and hopefully not the last. I’m just here to share the experiences I had during my travels and maybe give a little bit of information on what to do and where to go next. So I hope you’ll enjoy. tehee!

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